Ms. Kavitha Sinha

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Our Head of School, Ms. Kavita Sinha has contributed extensively & dedicatedly to the education sector of India. She has personally mentored several students throughout her journey, in order to curate young minds to dream & touch highest horizons in their personal & professional spheres of life, thereby contributing to the nations growth too.

We are immensely proud & honoured to have her as the Head of Nalapad Academy

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Ms Kavita Sinha has been the Principal / Head of School at Nalapad Academy for 10 months. She is one of the leading academicians in the country, having held significant portfolios for more that 16 years in the educational sector.
She has been the Vice Principal of Greenwood High as well as the Academic Coordinator at Indus International School. Ms. Kavita Sinha has contributed immensely to the growth and development of her students as well as her organisation.


Ms. Kavita Sinha has done her Masters in Political Science and Government from the prestigious Osmania University. During her undergraduate degree, she secured the 3rd rank at all all university level.

I have known Kavita Sinha for the last 5 years. Over our various interactions, have experienced her as an extremely thorough, practical and compassionate academician. A fantastic leader and an inspiration to colleagues and students alike! I wish her the very best in all her creative endeavors.

Ila mehta

Landscape Consultant, Interior Designer, Poetess
Ms Kavita was my teacher and Vice Principal/IB coordinator at Greenwood High, and was the primary reason I chose to join Greenwood in 9th grade. She made the time and took the effort to answer all of my questions and address my concerns, things she continued to do throughout my time at Greenwood. I can always count on her to listen to my opinions and take them into consideration. She is someone who always keeps my best interests in mind, and genuinely roots for my success.

Vidya R.

Design Verification Engineer at Apple
Best advisor and best IB Co-ordinator that I had the pleasure to be with during my IB Diploma Programme. Studying under Ms. Kavita was the best thing I could have asked for as a Greenwood High student, because I always received meticulous and honest feedback for my college applications and coursework. As an IB Coordinator, my academic needs and worries were always her first priority

Shubhangi Das

Music Curator Intern at Musiio
Kavita mam was one of the finest vice principal who deals with children in the most amicable and supportive way which brings best of them. She is an expert in dealing with teens, the generation upcoming is mostly on social media and highly influenced by outside env, and distracted kids and she has dealt with all diligently without hurting kids rather she made them dream and hope after a fall. She is one of the first few professionals who understand IG and IB in depth. She was the Vice Principal of my kid's school.

John Doe

Founder & CEO,,
Ms. Kavita was a delight to work with. She is an administrator par excellence and a motivating leader who not only helps people in setting high goals but also guides them to reach out to the goals. She is a complete team woman who is very organised and a perfectionist. She won the support of the teachers as she had the ability to communicate and connect with them in a diplomatic and caring manner

Shefalika Kumar Chitkara

Deputy MD Coordinator &Teacher of Economics