Independence Day India—

Showcasing their patriotism, the Napaldians dressed up, resonating with our national colours radiating through the day. The celebration rang on a high note with a very inspiring opening speech, by our Principal Ms Kavita Sinha. Ms Kavita along with our directors, firmly believes that just educating children is not enough, equipping them with technical skillsets from their early years is instrumental to their future. Our pride is our niche tech savy campus, which we proudly boast of. Having inculcated this as a part of our Independence Day celebrations demonstrating our inspiringstruggle stories through PPT’s, Infographics & videos create by our students. The programme was hosted gracefully by our very talented students Fariya & Suraiya. All kids from grade 1,2, & 3 participated & showcased an act on the Dandi march/ salt satyagraha. It was presented with much enthusiasm & vigour. Grade 1 educated everyone on national importance, symbolic to our nation through a a beautiful video. Grade 2 presented a PPT on freedom fighters & their monumental contribution in our independence. Grade 3 presented PPT “Timeline” of Freedom struggle of India, from 1857 till 1947.The programme ended on a very sweet note with our students treating their sweet tooth. The audience also included our tiny tots from the pre-primary with the objective of exposing them to events to tickle their thinking & knowledge along with fun . The event was a huge success & very well appreciated by all.